2012 Instructional Tech Bond

In November 2012, Denver voters generously approved the district's historic bond initiatives of $466 million. Denver schools will soon have the opportunity to use a portion ($10 million) of these funds to invest in 21st century classroom learning technology.

ETLS is consulting with schools on their use of this money to outfit classrooms with technology and to prepare schools for the coming online PARCC assessments. ETLS staff will be meeting with schools to develop technology plans that align to their instructional goals. Then ETLS will be ordering equipment and assisting schools with the implementation of this equipment in the school.

More information about bond spending for schools can be found here. More information about preparing for PARCC can be found here.

Educational Technology and Library Services

Educational Technology and Library Services is a combined department with a shared goal of providing schools, teachers, and students with the resources, tools, and training to prepare students for 21st century learning.

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Educational Technology

The Educational Technology department is dedicated to assisting teachers use and integrate technology for instruction in the classroom. Read More >>

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Library Services

Library Services works with school libraries to educate and provide library resources to all members of the Denver Public Schools community. Read More >>

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21st Century Learning

21st century learning is the synthesis of essential skills and abilities students must apply in our rapidly changing world. These skills include critical thinking, collaboration, information literacy, invention, and self direction. Read More >>