DPS and Common Sense Media have teamed up to turn wired students into great digital citizens.


CSM logo Every day your K-12 students are tested with each post, search, chat, text message, file download, and profile they update. Will they connect with like minds, or spill TMI to the wrong people? Will they tap into their own creativity, or borrow ideas recklessly? Will they do the right thing or take shortcuts? Our kids are living in an increasingly media-centric world. You can empower them to be safe, savvy, responsible, and respectful 21st-century citizens.


CSM magic DPS is partnering with Common Sense Media, a leading non-profit organization, to provide schools a FREE Digital Literacy and Citizenship classroom curriculum. The curriculum consists of more than 70 lesson plans, student handouts, videos, interactive components, and parent-outreach resources that span grades K-12 and cover three topical areas: Safety and Security, Digital Citizenship, and Research and Information Literacy.

The curriculum is:

  • FREE! Developed with generous support from Foundations
  • Standards-aligned: Aligned to ISTE, AASL, and ELA Common Core standards.
  • Flexible: Lessons are modular - you can do all the lessons or just a few
  • Teacher-tested, student-approved: Reviewed and tested by teachers, high school students, and content experts
  • Research-based: Informed by research from our collaborators, Howard Gardner’s GoodPlay Project at Harvard
  • Video-rich, practical, and fun: Has content, videos, and real-world scenarios for discussion and debate


Join the more than 50,000 schools across the country and internationally using the curriculum. Sign up today at www.commonsense.org/educators to download grades K-12 online.


And if you want hands-on consultation, support or training on the curriculum, contact:

Brian Dino, DPS Common Sense Coordinator
W. 720.423.2558 - Brian_Dino@dpsk12.org