How do I get to Safari Montage? :

Using a compatible browser (see below for details), go to

How do I log in? :

Students use their same login as with the Student Portal:

  • Username = The student’s 6-digit Student ID Number
  • Password = The student’s birth-date as mmddyyyy format (e.g., January 1, 2001 = 01012001), unless they have changed it

Staff members use their same login as with DPS Webmail:

  • Username = usually FirstName_Lastname
  • Password = user defined

What software do I need to play videos? :

You will need to install the Safari Montage Media Player. If the latest player is not installed on your computer, you will be prompted at login to download and run the installer. Remember to close and restart your browser before trying to log in again.

Users on Windows PCs will also need to have VLC Player 2.2.2 installed. You can download and install that software here:

What browsers can I use? :

Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox are all acceptable on any operating system. Chrome will work on Chromebooks and mobile devices, but is not currently supported on PCs or Macs.

I have other questions!

There are some great Safari Montage tutorials that cover everything from logging in to details on how to use the system. If you are having technical problems, please consult with your school's STR or call the DoTS hotline (720-423-3888).