The following channels are now available for viewing within Safari Montage:

(* eligible for recording)

nDVR: Recording Television Programs in Safari Montage

Teachers may place requests to have programs airing on the broadcast television channels recorded for later use. (The eligible channels are marked with an asterisk above.)

To place a request, send an email to and include:

  • Your name and school
  • The name of the program and channel
  • The date & time it will air

You can find a channel guide here to help locate available programs. To ensure your program gets recorded, be sure to send requests at least 2 days before it airs.

You will be sent an email when the program has been recorded, and the following rules will go into effect:

  • The recording may be shown only during the first ten consecutive school days after it is made, and only in a classroom or similar place devoted to instruction. A recording may be shown to several classes if appropriate.
  • After the ten-day classroom use period expires, the recording may be used only for evaluation -- that is, to determine whether it should be bought or licensed for permanent inclusion in the teaching curriculum. Not later than 45 calendar days after the material was recorded, it will be deleted from Safari Montage.
  • If you would like to suggest that DPS purchases a particular program that has expired, please send an email to


nDVR: Current and Upcoming Recordings

Click here to view lists of the currently available recorded programs and progrmas scheduled to be ordered in the future. (coming soon!)