Description :

Participants will be able to use the tools and resources available in Safari Montage to locate digital video resources that can be used to transform lessons, to match appropriate video to learning objectives, and to organize those resources using playlists.

Safari can be especially in assisting teachers with technology integration through the LEAP structure. It can be especially helpful for Indicators:

  • LE.4: Classroom resources and physical environment support students and their learning (Provides English and Spanish resources)
  • I.2: Provides rigorous tasks that require critical thinking with appropriate digital and other supports to ensure student success

Learning Outcome :

Participants will understand the hardware requirement for using Safari Montage, the basics of logging on to the system, how to search for specific content and create playlists to use video in the classroom.

Outline :

  1. Hardware Requirements
    • Computer with internet connection
      • wireless or wired- better quality videos over wired connection
    • Requirements for Classroom Use:
      • Projector
      • Speakers
      • Interactive Whiteboard
  2. Software Requirements
    • Browser Based. Use your favorite: Safari, Firefox, IE
    • Mandatory Plugins:
      • Safari Montage Media Player
      • QuickTime Media Player
      • (Restart your browser after plugin installations. You will need administrative rights to the computer to install new software.)
  3. Logging in at School or Home
    • Use your Active Directory credentials (the same as for webmail, etc.)
    • Choose your correct school.
    • Linked on the Teacher Portal, uses single sign-on
    • Go directly to the site at
  4. Dashboard Tour
    • Tutorial
    • Menus
    • Searching
      • Keyword
      • Adding filters
      • Grade Level
      • Others
      • Using LION to search
    • Subjects
    • Standards
  5. Playing Videos
    • Full screen
    • Closed Captioning
    • Spanish
    • Speed Controls
    • Volume
    • Permanent links
  6. Playlists
    • Creating a playlist
    • Adding content
    • Reordering content, adding comments, etc.
    • Sharing your playlist
    • District playlist project

Supporting Instruction with Digital Media (PDF)