School Libraries, or Library Media Center, serve as an integral part of total instructional program of the Denver Public School. They provide trained staff who manages collection of diverse learning resources that support the school's curriculum, and meets the individual needs and interests of students and staff. We work to ensure that students develop information literacy skills within the school's curriculum.

Library Services Administration is responsible for the overall implementation of library programs in the district and is responsible for:
  • library policy issues.
  • budgeting and staffing issues.
  • professional development for the district’s librarians and library staff members.
  • special projects requiring to school library services.
  • coordination with other district departments.
  • assistance and expertise in meeting 21st Century learning standards and improving student achievement.
  • information for principals.
  • Library services for new schools, charter schools, and alternative schools.

Information for Principals:

When a new librarian is hired at your school, it is imperative that you inform ETLS so that their training can be scheduled, the librarian directory can be updated, and circulation notices can be properly forwarded. Please send an email to the Helpdesk with the name and job code number of any new hires in the library as soon as possible.

Administration Staff