Cataloging processes and catalogs all library materials for the district. Utilizing a variety of professional resources, catalogers at ETLS verify that the record is properly formatted according to MARC format, assign the correct Dewey Decimal Classification System call number, then code and label items before entering them into Sierra/LION.

This department also handles the acquisition of and training for the online subscription databases (such as EBSCO, Encyclopedia Brittanica, TumbleBooks, NoveList and others) for the district. All databases are accessible on LION.

Donated/Gift Book Guidelines

The definition of a gift book is one that you have had donated, purchased, etc. for your library that was not acquired through ETLS Acquisitions OR there is no BIB record in Sierra. Gifts or donated items should meet the same selection criteria as purchased materials as far as need, quality, appropriateness, usability, etc. The professional staff shall decide on the best use for donated items.

Once a year, usually in the spring, you will receive an email notifying you when it is acceptable to send in your donated/gift books for processing. For one or two items OR if there is no BIB record, send an email to ETLSCataloging for assistance throughout the year. As new material is a priority and our storage space is limited, please do not send books before you are notified to via email.


Library Cataloging Staff