General Administration

Contact Library Services Administration regarding our services or services to the District's libraries and teacher librarians. Go to the Admin page…

Staff:    Caroline Hughes, Library Services Director - 720.423.1840 -

            Deb Romero, Library Services Specialist - 720.423.1838 -


Acquires library materials for district librarians to ensure the best materials are being purchased for DPS libraries. Go to the Acquisitions page…

Staff:    Thomas Long, Library Technician - 720.423.1826 -

            Jennifer Watters, Library Technician - 720.423.1825 -


Catalogs English and foreign language materials, gift books and manages the online databases through LION. Go to the Cataloging page…

Staff:    Amy Lillard, Cataloger - 720.423.1821 -

            Kate Adams, Cataloger - 720.423.1822 -

Collection Development

Consults and provides instruction on collection needs for DPS Libraries and classroom collections. Go to the Collection Development page…

Staff:    Suzi Tonini, Collection Development Specialist - 720.423.1839 -

            Jennifer Watters, Library Technician - 720.423.1825 -

            Terri Faulkner, Library Technician - 720.423.1824 -

            Lori Micho, Library Technician - 720.423.1947 -

Technical Support

Maintains and administers all DPS library systems (Sierra, LION) and provides hardware/software support for library workstations. Go to the Technical Support page…

Staff:    Josh Mack, Library System Administrator - 720.423.1829 -

            Antonio Nicotera, Web Developer - 720.423.1830 -

            HELPDESK - 720.423.1842 -