The Classroom Resource Library’s services include circulating English and/or Spanish language materials and helping librarians and teachers select appropriate curriculum-based materials for classroom units.


How To Order A Book Basket

  1. Email, or call the basket line (720.423.1841)
  2. Leave your name (with correct spelling), school, grade and range of student reading levels.
  3. Leave a brief description of the materials you are requesting by letting us know if you need read-along kits, Spanish language, big books, book sets or professional titles.
  4. If you are requesting a large number of specific titles, please fax or email the list.
  5. The book basket will be delivered to the school office with your name on the attached tag.
  6. Books are checked out for 30 days and may be renewed with a phone call or email.
  7. A due date is listed on the receipt tape provided with your basket. Return the basket BEFORE this date to the school office AND with the enclosed red tag tied to the outside of the basket. It is not necessary to call for pickup. (More detailed instructions are included with the book basket.)


How To Order Books through LION


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