The Denver Public Schools Review Committee is comprised of a cross-section of Library Media Specialists representing elementary, middle and high schools who apply each year to be a reviewer for DPS. The purpose of the committee is to review library materials for curricular value and relevance. A database of reviews exists to assist school Library Media Specialists in the selection of current, relevant material for school library media center collections.

Published Reviews


Guidelines for Writing Reviews

  • Summary - What is this book about? Report content.
  • Flavor - Capture the "feel" of the book using vivid detail and description.
  • Opinion - Why do you like/dislike the book? Explain giving concrete reasons.
  • Critique - Assess the strength/weaknesses of the book. Evaluate writing style, scope of coverage, accuracy of information, and art or illustrations.
  • Support Critique - Use concrete examples.
  • Recommendation - Should match the review.
  • Edit - Does the review flow? Capture interest from the beginning using vivid detail, exciting description, concise language and solid examples. Move through with a logical sequence.

Review Database Access