Library Ordering Procedures

There are two primary ways to order Library materials: Paper orders and Electronic orders. Click here to see the ordering timeline for the current school year.

Paper Orders

Paper orders can be submitted by librarians from the vendors represented at the Book Expo. Paper orders can be submitted by hand, through inter-office mail or email (either pdf or excel spreadsheet) attachment, or fax. Paper orders must be submitted by the librarians themselves, as we cannot accept orders directly from the vendors.

Paper Order Guidelines

Paper orders must include:
  • the librarian’s name
  • the name and number of the school the materials are being ordered for
  • the book title
  • the ISBN (or SKU or publisher #)
  • the price

Electronic Orders

Follett : Sharing a List

To share a Follett list: click Share; type ers (use lower-case) into the box that pops up; then click Continue.

Electronic Order Guidelines:

  • Always create separate Carts/Lists for AV materials (DVDs, etc) and e-books.
  • If your cart/list ends up being exceptionally large (500 items or more), please split the cart/list into two or more separate carts/lists.
  • When you are preparing a cart/list for order, make sure that the name of the cart/list includes your school name and number. Every year we receive at least 50 carts named “Fall Orders”. This is obviously not helpful or informative, and can lead to all sorts of confusion, including duplicate ordering. A good example of a cart/list name would be: “Godsman 243 Fall 2010 Order #1”…or something like that. Also, if you are submitting more than one list, please distinguish the different lists with letters or numbers.
  • Please let the acquisitions staff know that you just transferred a cart/list (; this ensures that if there was a problem with the transfer, we will know about it quickly. The same is true for paper orders…never assume that we have received them unless you handed them to us yourself. It is always a good idea to verify that we have received your orders.
  • It is also a good idea to have one or more carts/lists ready to send in when/if money opens up due to cancellations.

AV Materials (DVD's, etc.)

Please order AV materials separately from regular books.

Cancellations and Damaged Books

Inevitably, some of what you order will be cancelled. When this happens, it disencumbers the funds that were set aside for the material. We inform you as soon as we can when this happens, so that you can spend this leftover money. This is why we ask that you have one or two carts/lists set aside.

Monthly cancellation reports can be found at your Librarian Dashboard.

If you receive a damaged item, please contact us and we will try to get a replacement for you as soon as possible.