MyTech Digital Coaches

MyTech is a 1:1 technology take-home pilot program in 14 DPS secondary schools that is a partnership between our Educational Technology Department (ETLS) and Department of Technology Services (DoTS). Each of the 14 schools in the pilot program receive the support of a Digital Coach. These coaches have a simple, yet critical role: to support teachers in leveraging technology to impact instruction. Each coach collaborates closely with school administrators and teachers to connect the potential of a one-to-one program to real success in the classroom. They do this through the delivery of high quality professional learning and individual coaching cycles, so that students at MyTech schools have both the access and opportunity to use technology meaningfully. Go to our MyTech website for additional information on the program.

School Name Digital Coach
Florence Crittenton Rebecca Carr
Manual High School Rebecca Carr
DSISD Robbi Makely
Skinner Middle School Robbi Makely
Lake International School Tiffany Losasso
Merrill Middle School Tiffany Losasso
South High School
William Bill Roberts MS
Hill Campus of Arts and Science
North High School Mattea Garcia
DCIS Montbello Erin McConnell
High Tech Early College Erin Kimmel
Bruce Randolph School Erin Kimmel
Hamilton Middle School Lucas Mund