The Collection Development staff consults on collection needs for library and classroom collections. Under extenuating circumstances, you may request a one-on-one training session (in lieu of class) for electronic ordering, Collection Mapping and Worksheets, and Budget Tracking. We can also provide for a library evaluation visit if necessary. We work closely with the DPS Curriculum Department on Literacy Programs.

Collection Development Information

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Donated/Gift Book Guidelines

The definition of a gift book is one that you have had donated, purchased, etc. for your library that was not acquired through ETLS Acquisitions OR there is no BIB record in Sierra. Gifts or donated items should meet the same selection criteria as purchased materials as far as need, quality, appropriateness, usability, etc. The professional staff shall decide on the best use for donated items.

Once a year, usually in the spring, you will receive an email notifying you when it is acceptable to send in your donated/gift books for processing. For one or two items OR if there is no BIB record, you may contact the folks in Cataloging ( for assistance throughout the year. As new material is a priority and our storage space is limited, please do not send books before you are notified to via email.

Discarded Book Guidelines

After weeding items from your collection using the guidelines in the Library Manual, follow this procedure to dispose of your weeded materials:
  1. Weeded items must be withdrawn from the inventory. See "Withdrawing Items" in the Library Manual for procedures.
  2. Place the items in a box and label it: "LIBRARY BOOKS FOR DISCARD". Each box should weight no more than 50 pounds.
  3. Email Jeff Stephens ( and request a pick-up for your location. Cc Brandy Burdick ( on the email.
  4. Always specify the number of boxes you have for pickup, and the location of the boxes at the school. Boxes should be in an easily-accessible, first-floor location.
  5. If you have concerns, or for more information contact Brandy Burdick.

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