Support is provided to Library Media Centers in the DPS District for all functions of Sierra, the automated library system and LION (Library Information On the Net), the web catalog. We also provide training to further enhance staff development and proficiency in the use of Sierra circulation functions. There are three primary areas of technical support responsibility in Library Services:
  1. Sierra and LION maintenance and improvements
  2. Software and hardware support for all computers located in the Library Services Department
  3. Software and limited hardware support for district library computers used by staff for circulation purposes
When reporting computer/software related problems to the Library Helpdesk, please adhere to the following procedures:
  • For EMERGENCY or MISSION-CRITICAL issues, problems should be reported via phone to our Helpdesk @ 720.423.1842. The Helpdesk phone is manned throughout the day. Voice mail is available on the line.
  • For NON-EMERGENCY issues, librarians should report problems or inquiries via email messages addressed to: Email messages sent to the Helpdesk are constantly monitored and responded to throughout the day. Email should not be sent directly to any support personnel unless requested to do so, or unless you are replying to a previous message sent from support personnel.
We do not provide technical support for computers that are part of a lab in the school library, for which you would contact the school's technical representative or DoTS at x33888.

Technical Support Staff