Safari Montage

End-of-Service Announcement

As of June 30, 2017, Safari Montage will no longer be available in DPS. Please contact with any questions or concerns you may have, and feel free to share this announcement with anyone else you think may benefit from this information.


Purchased/Leased Content

Schools may decide to purchase supplemental educational video products in the future as part of the flexibility initiatives in DPS. The following resources have been reviewed in the district's Academic Technology Menu.

Open Educational Resources

There are many free resources available with instructional video content for students. For more information, please contact the Curriculum & Instruction ( department and/or your curriculum group in Schoology.

Uploading Video

DPS recommends using Google Drive to host video content moving forward. If a situation arises where Google Drive cannot meet your needs, please contact for further guidance. Before you upload video content, please be sure to consider the following:

    • Anyone in DPS uploading video content is required to abide by all legal obligations regarding copyright protections. A course is available in Schoology covering best practices and copyright laws. (Access Code: ZQ8VC-Q9Z4R)
    • Student media releases: students whose parents have not agreed to the "Parent Permission for Media, District Marketing, Web and Internal Use of Photos and Video" component of the student registration/online verification packet may not be included in any videos created by teachers. This status can be checked on the "Authorizations" tab of a student's record in Infinite Campus.
    • Sustainable access:
      • What happens to videos uploaded to Google Drive after a teacher leaves DPS?
        • videos will still be viewable but edit/ownership rights will not be transferred by default to another staff member
        • teachers can transfer their documents to another owner at any time
        • Team Drive may be used in future for collaborative ownership and control
        • for further questions, please contact the DoTS Hotline (
    • If you previously uploaded videos to Safari Montage and you can no longer access them, please contact for more information.
    • If you need guidance on hosting new video content, please contact for more information.