Mission: We liberate teaching and learning through culturally responsive and inclusive integration of technology and library resources.

Vision: By 2025, all historically marginalized students (especially BIPOC, ELL, and SPED) engage in liberated learning. Through culturally responsive resources, stories, technology and information tools, we equip all DPS students & educators to become critical thinkers, communicators, contributors, collaborators, and leaders.

We value:

  • Increasing equity
  • Digital literacy
  • Developing strong relationships through coaching
  • Deep, experiential learning
  • College and career success
  • Culturally responsive connections
  • Authentic representation  
  • Empowering student agency in their own lives and as global citizens
  • Building the foundation for lifelong learning
  • Print and digital media (all modalities)
  • Providing learning opportunities that help create future-ready global citizens