Cataloging (Book Processing)

How do we serve DPS students?

  • We support school libraries by processing and cataloging all new library materials for the district. All items coming from ETLS will be shelf-ready and available for immediate checkout, allowing library staff more time to focus on their students instead of material processing and preparation.
  • We support school libraries by processing and cataloging books that have been donated to libraries. Items can be sent to Library Services in the spring for processing and then will be returned to the school, freeing up library staff time and maintaining a professional looking and orderly school library.
  • We support school libraries by maintaining quality control measures on print and eBook records that make them easily accessible by students and staff via the online catalog. Central staff also control and monitor subject headings in records to ensure accurate representation and avoid outdated and offensive language that could marginalize students.

Cataloging Resources

  • What do I do with this book that was gifted to my library?
    • A gift book is anything that was donated or purchased for your library that wasn’t acquired through ETLS Acquisitions. Gifts and donated items should meet the same criteria as regularly purchased items – do you need it? Is it appropriate for your school? Is it in good shape?
    • If you have received item record management training, you can look for the book then attach it if you find it.
    • Have you searched for the book in Destiny and you can’t find it?
      • If you have a few items that students are eager to read, please contact the Library Help Desk with the title, author (if there is one), and ISBN and we will work to get them in the system so you can attach them.
      • If you have lots of books not in the system, once a year in the spring, you will receive an email with directions on sending in gift books. These books are then processed over the summer and sent back to you shelf ready. New materials ordered through Acquisitions are our priority and our storage space is limited so please don’t send items in to us until notified by email.
  • How do I add my own items?
    • We offer Item Record Management training throughout the year. Contact the Library Help Desk. We will set up a time to for you to come here or for us to come out to your school.
  • Need something else?

Library Cataloging Staff

  • Amy Lillard, Cataloger
  • Kate Adams, Cataloger
  • Alisa Antony, Classroom Library / Cataloger
  • Deb Romero, Coordinator / Cataloger