Collection Development

How do we serve DPS students?

  • We support schools by designing and managing 21st century library environments that encourage students to learn about their passions and interests.
  • We support schools selecting books, eBooks, and audiobooks for library and digital shelf collections that will inspire, empower and expand student learning opportunities.
  • We select and promote online databases to provide all students with access to high quality research resources, advancing the goals of academic success and career readiness.

Collection Development Resources

Do you need help with analyzing your library collection? Is it current, balanced and diverse?

Instructions for Accessing Your TitleWise Collection Analysis Reports

  1. Go to Follett’s Titlewave site.
  2. Log in (email the Library Help Desk if you do not know your login).
  3. Click on the “Collection Management” link.
  4. Click on the “Browse all Analyses” link.

Do you need guidance for selecting high quality titles that promote students’ love of reading?
Contact your Library Services Coordinator or email the Library Help Desk if you are unsure of who your assigned coordinator is.

Do you need support with weeding damaged and outdated books?
How to Inventory Schoology Course: CODE = MNBNX-SVF26

Discarded Book Procedures

After weeding items from your collection using the guidelines in the Library Manual, follow this procedure to dispose of your weeded materials:

  1. Email the Library Help Desk a list of items to be withdrawn from your library collection.
  2. Place the items in a box and label it: “LIBRARY BOOKS FOR DISCARD”. Each box should weight no more than 30 pounds.
  3. Always specify the number of boxes you have for pickup, and the location of the boxes at the school. Boxes should be in an easily-accessible, first-floor location.
  4. Contact Len Bryan if you have any further questions.

Other library-related questions?
Email our Library Help Desk or call 720.423.1842

Collection Development Staff

Suzi Tonini, Supervisor of Library Collection Development
Terri Faulkner, Library Services Coordinator
Lori Micho, Library Services Coordinator
Amanda Samland, Library Services Coordinator